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I pray I never find out….

I was sitting in a friend of mines office today, the look on his face was of a man who is weary. I can say that if I were him I would be more than weary.

I asked him what was up. He asked me to shut the door to his office.

As I sat down, tears started streaming down his face.

He was quiet for a few awkward seconds. When he wiped his eyes and started talking I wasn’t sure what to expect.

My friend has been dealing with quiet a bit in the past couple of years with his health, his father’s health, and his wife’s health.

“Linda and I were talking this weekend and she told me that the average life expectancy of someone with the type of cancer she has is only two to five years. It’s been two years now.”

His wife has been battling cancer for the last two years, unfortunately it is battle she will lose. The type of cancer she has is inoperable and incurable, chemotherapy will stop the growth but won’t completely kill it. Her bowels are so engulfed with the cancer that it will likely cause an inoperable bowel obstruction. A bowl of noodles, I think is the phrase she used when telling me what her doctor said.

My friend is trying to face the reality of losing his best friend, his lover, his soul mate, to a very painful death and in his mind it could come at any moment and there is nothing, not a thing he can do about it. My friend’s wife is upbeat most days, I think she has accepted things as they are.

Yes, death will come to us all, and yes it can happen at any moment. The hard part is knowing the time frame and how it will come.

When I left his office all I could think about is my wife, and what I would do if I were in his position.

I pray that I never find out….



Just a little talk with Jesus

Now let us have a little talk with Jesus,

Let us tell him all about our troubles,

He will hear our famished cries,

And he will answer by and by,

Now when you feel a little prayer wheel turnin,

Then you’ll know a little fire is burnin,

You will find a little talk with Jesus makes it right

I love this old song.

What worship song makes you want to stand to your feet and raise your hands in surrender to Jesus? What song makes you want to open your heart up?

Just a Little Talk With Jesus, is still one of my favorites, it still makes me want to raise my hands.

Now for all you Southern Gospel fans out there, and I think there may be two or three that read my blog that love Southern Gospel, this is probably one of my all time favorite Southern Gospel Quartets, The Gold City. I love the harmonies.

And I’m throwing this one in just because it’s my blog and I like the song.

The last video was the Cathedrals, I lost count of how many times I had seen the Cathedrals and the Gold City in concert when I was a teenager. Southern Gospel music still stirs my heart and brings back so many memories of when I first got saved.

What old hymns or gospel songs do that for you?


Defend part 2

Me personally, I want to defend myself.

Do I think it is right?

 Isaiah 50: 6-8 says this: 

6 I offered my back to those who beat me,
       my cheeks to those who pulled out my beard;
       I did not hide my face
       from mocking and spitting.

    7 Because the Sovereign LORD helps me,
       I will not be disgraced.
       Therefore have I set my face like flint,
       and I know I will not be put to shame.

    8 He who vindicates me is near.
       Who then will bring charges against me?
       Let us face each other!
       Who are my accusers?
       Let them confront me!

 Acts 13 Paul was “slandered” by the Jews so he spoke boldly to them and said that since you don’t want eternal life we’re going to talk to the Gentiles.

Sticks and stones right?

The thing that pops out at me in the verse from Isaiah is “Let us face each other”…..

For me, yes I can defend myself, in a Godly way. If my accuser confronts me then I can, but I cannot answer slander with slander. I am very selective about what I will defend, if what is going on will detract from the mission of the church, then forget it, I won’t engage you, if it is a silly, pointless arguement then no, we’re done.

What do you think?

My friend Heidi is also writing a blog on this, check her out and weigh in, I have a feeling she feels differently about this.


taking a stand or an eye for an eye?

I asked this question a few days ago on Facebook, “when is it ok for a Christ follower to defend themselves against slander?”

I got very mixed responses.

All of them made sense, all of them were scriptural.

Here are a few of the comments, I’m gonna leave the names off of the comments.

If it comes from another believer, we are to go to them and confront their sin… The Old Testament gives us many examples of God’s people praying against those who were trying to hurt them, I would consider that how we are to act against unbelievers
When you get that answer… let me know. 😉 Jesus didn’t even fight back as he was being beaten, spit on, made fun of, cursed, and nailed to a cross. He allowed it all to happen even though he could have disemboweled each and every person who was hurting Him. I think that’s your answer. Paul got back up after being stoned and went right back to preaching the Gospel. 😉 Suck it up, Jason. It takes balls to be a Christ Follower, man. Big hairy ones!
So… while Jesus did accept all of the insults without fighting back during his “time” (crucifixion), he did not back down from a fight any other time. His ministry was filled with him taking on the religious leaders who were calling him names… If it affected my family, livelihood, or ability to serve God, i would take it on , but make sure you can stand before God with your actions in doing so. if it doesn’t affect one of those things, who cares?
fighting back and standing up for yourself are two different things–never hesitate to stand up for what you believe but I agree with (name deleted)–don’t lower yourself to negative behavior, be solid and confident in what you believe. Let other people “be stupid”
ignore critics who are cowards and don’t have the nuts to say something to your face. read Nehemiah. don’t come off the wall. sword in one hand. trowel in the other. critics detract from mission. if they get in your face. fight back but don’t get bogged down.
Who’s right? All of them? None of them?
What do you think, weigh in and tell me is it ok for a Christ follower to defend themselves against slander?
I’m going to post a follow-up with a blog friend and get her point of view, I’ll link it when it happens.




What did you want for your life?

I didn’t want kids when I was 18…..

I didn’t want them when I was 22….

When you are that young and extremely selfish you don’t want anything that will eat up your time, money, or anything else that you thought you had.

God has a funny way of changing that around, when my first child was born I was 22. I’m 33 now and have four kids, my youngest just had his first birthday.

All four of them are unique in their own way and all the same in others. I couldn’t imagine my life without them.




You might be a stupid Christian if….

Kevin dusted off his blog yesterday and wrote a post about continuing on with the series Stupid Christians. I’m not one to steal an idea and I’m not sure that I am since I am modifying it a bit.

I love the Jeff Foxworthy ‘You might be a redneck if’ jokes, I wrote a post about ‘You might go to Crosspoint if’ a while back and it is still my most popular post. One of the things I think we as Christians do that give us a bad reputation is we take ourselves entirely too seriously. I am willing to bet you (oh no he’s gambling) that most people would be highly offended at being called a stupid Christian. So here goes, I am going to start the list and, it will only be about how I am/was a stupid Christian, so if you add to the list it has to be about you, NOT anyone else.

You might be a stupid Christian if….

You ever thought secular music is an evil influence.

You thought the King James Bible is the only translation you should use.

You voted against the lottery because it WILL ruin families.

You flip someone off on your way to church.

You sleep with your girlfriend and think it is OK because God wants you guys to get married.

You think drinking is a sin and get drunk on the weekends.

You think Jesus actually cares about who is President and that it was a surprise to Him.

You gossip about some one and disguise it as a “prayer request”.

You really believe that Jesus was a white guy with long hair dressed like a hippie.

You think that there are plenty of other people paying their tithes, the church doesn’t need mine.

And to finish it off…….

You think everyone from “that church ” is going to hell.

I’m sure I have offended you with something I have said, but this is how I was/am a stupid Christian.

Feel free to add your stupidity to mine….


the friend limit

Am I the only one that seems to have a limit on friendships?

That may sound bad or come across funny but think about it…..

How many friends do you have? At what level or tier of support would you say those friendships are?

You know, your tier 1 support is lunch and the occasional encouragement. Your tier two support is hey can you help me out with my kids while I go sign my divorce papers so they don’t see the bloody mess I’ll be later.

I think we all have those friends that are lunch companions and hey how are the kids, but how many of them do you have?

I Have 200 and some odd folks as friends on Facebook and I can honestly say that I don’t really know half of them. I have 170 some odd followers on twitter and I can say that I respond or relate to less than half. Most of the people I “social network” with I go to church with, some I went to high school with, while others might speak something into my life. How may of these people do I really know?

I did a count, and other than my wife, and my brothers’ family the count came out to 7 people. Seven people know me and I know them at a level higher than “hey how’s it going, how are the kids?”

What’s sad is I called one of them up the other day and had to ask him if we “broke-up”. My wife said that we had some kinda “bromance” going on.

Is it a time issue? Is it an issue of I can only have a few friends at a time? Or do you just loose interest in friendships or do interests change?

I have friends that I use to hang with everyday but after I got married, that stopped.

I use to have friends that I fished and hunted with every weekend but after I changed jobs and moved that stopped.

My point to this post is not to try and down the number of friendships someone might have, I guess my point is what are you doing with those friendships?

Are we intentional enough with our time to cultivate existing friendships and still grow more? Some one told me the other day that when your garden gets to big to tend by yourself your going to have weeds. Does that mean we should cull some of our friends?

A little story for you and I’ll quit. I play Mafia Wars on Facebook, I’m not sure why yet. At any rate, I made a friend on Facebook because of Mafia Wars that lives here in Decatur. I don’t know her, I’ve never met her. I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m a freak because I have invited her to church and told her we meet at a movie theater, but you know, I think she might come…..